Greening Mua Environmental Initiative Information

Our partners

Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources

The State Department Of Correctional Services

Machakos County Government

The National Treasury

Kenya Forestry Research Institute

Kenya Water Towers Agency Kenya

Tana and Athi Rivers Development Authority

National Government Administration Office

Our awesome team

"Human development activities have negatively and adversely affected mother nature. Global warming effects have affected climate and there's need for climatic change interventions. At GMEI, we are working towards the realization of the SDGs. Lets continue feeding the world nations as we conserve the Eco-system"

"I am ready to change the climate in our environment through planting trees to increase the natural curve"

"Forests play an indispensable role of maintaining an ecological balance between soil; water, Flora and fauna on which organic life depends. Greening Mua hills environment initiative is really doing a very sustainable requirement touching the marginalized community"

"It's our duty to take care of the environment for the bible says, Gen 2:15 God took the man and put him in the garden of eden to dress it and keep it"

"It is our duty to save the environment by growing more trees, to use alternative source of energy and to save our natural resources"

"We are educating people and doing activities to improve climate change. Doing so people will reverse the dangers caused by human activities thus planting more trees using our landscape approach. The forest cover will attract rain hence improving soil fertility, slow rate of evaporation and provide fresh air"


Mua, Kaseve                    
Machakos, Kenya.